With so many social media management and marketing tools out there, how do you know which one to use or best one for your business?

How do you know which features to choose from?

The number of social media management tools can leave the beginner and even the more advanced user overwhelmed.

So, we made a consistently updated list of the top 10 social media management tools for 2019. There are three major features that a good social media management tool should always have. These are publishing and RSS integration, social engagement, and great analytics reporting.

These three areas are what make a comprehensive social media management tool.

Let’s get started! The tools are ranked from top to bottom (top is highly recommended).

1. eClincher

Best publishing tool for social media

eClincher is a simple to use platform but yet comprehensive packed with features. It has all the essential features a social media management tool should have, plus many unique ones.

These include content scheduler, auto posting with smart queues, social inbox or social CRM, integration of RSS feeds, suggested content plus curation, keywords monitoring, influencer discovery, analytics reporting, Canva integration, URL shorteners, campaign tracking, and much more . Let’s look at a few of these features.

Publishing & RSS

eClincher has a robust system for publishing content. One of the most liked features is the Auto Post with smart queues. This allows users to automatically publish hundreds of posts for the next X number of months, with just a few clicks. eClincher offers the ability to recycle content as well as publish it once and remove it from the queue.

There is RSS integration, which allows users to automatically publish blog posts (their own or industry blogs) onto their profiles. eClincher offers a scheduling tool with visual calendar, auto link shortening, free images, animated GIFs, and video publishing support.

Suggested Content allows you to use keywords or categories to quickly find articles and share them with your audience.

Social Engagement

eClincher offers a Social Inbox which lets users manage all their social media engagement and interactions in one place. We’re talking about tweets, DMs, mentions, comments, likes, shares, new followers, even YouTube and Facebook Ad comments. There are social listening and monitoring features to help you monitor your brand, interact with followers, and start conversations.

Influencer Search

eClincher offers the ability to search for influencers on Twitter, view by topic, ranking, location, and interact.

Clients Management Support

If you’re an agency or have a several clients that you manage, then this feature is perfect for you. eClincher offers a dedicated workplace for each client. They have a separate calendar, inbox, analytics, and assigned team members. You won’t ever get confused and will be able to keep everything organized and clean.

eClincher offers fully customized white label analytics reports, inbox workflow for teams, and internal/external post approval workflow.

Supported Networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Instagram Business, Google My Business, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Google Analytics


$59     1 user/month, 10 social profiles, unlimited posting, inbox CRM and unlimited live analytics reports

$119    3 user/month, 20 social profiles, unlimited posting, inbox CRM, unlimited live analytics reports, profiles/users add-on*

$219   6 user/month, 40 social profiles (unlimited brands), unlimited posting, inbox CRM, unlimited live analytics reports, profiles/users add-on*

Additional add-ons:

$6/month 1 social profile add-on

$20/month add-on user

2. Buffer


Buffer is a well established social media management platform. It has several good features. These include publishing with queue, engagement, analytics, and team features. It integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Linkedin.

Publishing & RSS – Buffer has the basic publishing features, such as scheduling and adding posts to a queue. However, it’s not made for evergreen posts. In other words, it will not let you upload hundreds of posts and then recycle them. It also can’t publish them on your social media until you tell it to stop. It does have the RSS feed that helps you publish posts from blogs.

Social Engagement – Buffer offers a product called Reply, which is similar to eClincher’s Social Inbox. However, it only supports Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram comments. it is also way more expensive. It costs $50-$225/month, 1 user for each connected profile. This is in addition to the basic Buffer pricing.

Influencer Search – Buffer does not have an influencer search feature.

Client Management Support – Buffer has a limited team feature. It allows a user to add team members and give them permissions to manage various social media pages.

Supported Networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest


$15    1 user/month, 8 social profiles, limited to 100 posts per month per profile

$65    2 user/month, 8 social profiles, limited to 2,000 posts per month per profile

$99    6 user/month, 25 social profiles, limited to 2,000 posts per month per profile

$199   11 user/month, 50 social profiles, limited to 2,000 posts per month per profile

$399  26 user/month, 150 social profiles, limited to 2,000 posts per month per profile

Additional add-ons:

$50/mo – $225/mo  Reply (inbox) – per each connected social profile (supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

$50/mo Analyze (analytics) – up to 10 social profiles

$25/mo for each 1 user add-on

$10/mo for each 1 social profile add-on

Buffer supports: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest

3. Sprout Social


Sprout Social is similar to HootSuite and other social media management tools in that it combines a variety of features. It has monitoring, scheduling, analytics, the whole gamut.

Publishing & RSS – Sprout Social has some cool features when it comes to publishing. It has all the basics and a few more customized features. These include individual statistics on each post, and agency features such as post-approval. It does not have the Auto Post with queues feature.

Social Engagement – Sprout Social has the social inbox, which is great. It also has social monitoring and keyword searching features that help you monitor your brand on social media.

Influencer Search – Sprout Social doesn’t have an influencer search feature.

Clients Management Support – Sprout has the basic team features but not much else in this category.

Supported Networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn


$99    1 user/month, 5 social profiles

$149   1 user/month, 10 social profiles

$249  1 user/month, 10 social profiles

4. HootSuite


HootSuite has probably been around the longest (since 2008). It has all the various applications you need and some robust content features, as well. For example, it has content curation, organization, scheduling, and RSS integration.

Publishing & RSS – Hootsuite has bulk scheduling, which allows you to upload several posts at a time. However, it doesn’t have the Auto Post feature that recycles the content for you. It has a cool feature that allows you to create social sweepstakes or contests on social media. It also has RSS integrations, just like eClincher.

Social Engagement – Hootsuite doesn’t have a Social Inbox or anything like it. You have to manually engage with each follower by logging in to each social media account separately.

Influencer Search – Hootsuite doesn’t offer the ability to find influencers.

Client Management Support – Hootsuite has the basic team features, plus post-approval and custom branded URLs.

Supported Networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, WordPress


$45    1 user/month, 10 social profiles, unlimited posting

$189   3 user/month, 20 social profiles, unlimited posting

$599 (only annual billing)  5 user/month, 35 social profiles, unlimited posting

5. Sendible

Sendible features

Sendible is a tool that was built for agencies in mind. It has many features and includes a CRM, just like eClincher and Sprout Social.

Scheduling & RSS – Sendible has a Smart Queue feature similar to eClincher’s Auto Post. It helps you put your favorite posts on repeat. It also has a smart recommendation system that recommends the top posts for you.

Social Engagement – Sendible has the Social Inbox feature and it has team member features, just like eClincher’s. Sendible also has social listening features. These allow the user to monitor different keywords and see what is being said about their brand.

Influencer Search – Sendible doesn’t have an influencer search feature. It has a CRM that allows you to treat social interactions and people that you interact with like leads. It shows you the entire conversation history and different information about them.

Clients Management Support – Sendible has a separate dashboard for each client and even has a white label solution.

Sendible’s pricing is calculated per number of services. A service is a one-way interaction with any social media network. For example: posting and streaming to 1 Facebook page would count as 2 services.

Supported Networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Analytics


$29     1 user/month, 12 services*,  no reports

$99     3 users/month, 48 services* 6 reports

$199   7 users/month, 105 services*, 35 reports, unlimited scheduling

$299  12 users/month, 192 services*, 60 reports, unlimited scheduling

* A service is a one-way interaction with any social media network. You may need multiple services per social profile

6. Social Pilot


Social Pilot is a great platform because it offers many features in one dashboard.

Scheduling & RSS – Social Pilot has the basic scheduling features (bulk scheduling included) but doesn’t have the Auto Post or Smart Queues. It does offer RSS integration and auto publishing.

Social Engagement – Social Pilot doesn’t have the Social Inbox feature or any social monitoring or listening features. It has content feeds where you can browse at different content and get ideas. However, you can’t engage with other social media enthusiasts (or your own followers).

Influencer Search – Social Pilot does not have any influencer features.

Client Management Support – Social Pilot allows you to connect your clients into the social media management system without needing their credentials. They also have post approval and a separate client dashboards.

Supported Networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, VK, Tumblr


$30   3 user/month, 25 social profiles, 200 posts/day – Inbox is not included

$50   5 user/month, 50 social profiles, 500 posts/day

$100   10 user/month, 100 social profiles, 1000 posts/day

7. Agora Pulse


Agora Pulse has a variety of features that are really useful. These include social engagement, publishing, listening, reports, and team collaboration.

Scheduling & RSS – Agora Pulse has the Auto Post feature, where you can queue evergreen posts (indefinitely). You can put labels on your content that allow you to retrieve and analyze each post (or an entire category).

Social Engagement – Agora Pulse has the Social Inbox feature, where you can interact with every follower and message in one place. You can also view every single profile, just like you can with eClincher. It does have social monitoring and keyword searches.

Influencer Search – Agora Pulse does not have any influencer features.

Clients Management Support – Agora Pulse has the basic team sharing features, plus content approval from clients. It also has the ability to assign messages to clients, which is pretty cool.

Supported Networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube


$99   3 user/month, 10 social profiles, additional profile – $12/month, add-on user $39

$199   6 user/month, 25 social profiles, additional profile – $9/month, add-on user $39

$299   12 user/month, 40 social profiles, additional profile – $6/month, add-on user $39

$499   20 user/month, 70 social profiles, additional profile – $4/month, add-on user $15

8. CoSchedule

CoSchedule social media management tool

CoSchedule is known for its social calendar feature. The whole platform is positioned to help you schedule and organize all of your social media posts. What’s really cool is that the CoSchedule blog is one of the top blogs on content marketing.

Scheduling & RSS – Generally, CoSchedule has all basic publishing features, as well as something called ReQueue. This is an intelligent piece of software that schedules only the top posts in your social history.

Social Engagement – CoSchedule doesn’t have social engagement features or social monitoring, listening, or keyword searches.

Influencer Search – CoSchedule does not have any influencer features.

Clients Management Support – CoSchedule has a separate dashboard for each client, task templates that you can re-use, social approval, and custom reports.

Supported Networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr


$89   3 user/month, 10 social profiles, add-on user $19/month

$400   5 user/month, 15 social profiles, add-on user $49/month

$1400 billed annually  10 users, 25 social profiles, add-on user $79/month

9. Crowdfire


Crowdfire reminds me very much of an automated bot. It makes recommendations about your social media through a series of automated chat messages. You can set up various automation with it, including scheduling and publishing.

Scheduling & RSS – Crowdfire has basic scheduling tool but lacks queues, auto post, and RSS integration. It’s not built to be a comprehensive scheduling tool. It’s more made for social engagement.

Social Engagement – Overall, Crowdfire nicely automates various features in this category. It helps users grow their audiences by unfollowing, following, targeting audiences, and automating DMs.

Influencer Search – Crowdfire doesn’t have a way to search for influencers. You can find peoples’ followers on Twitter and target them.

Clients Management Support – Crowdfire does not have these features.

Supported Networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn


$9.99    1 user/month, 2 social profiles, 100 posts/month

$49.99   1 user/month, 5 social profiles, 100 posts/month

$99.99   1 user/month, 50 social profiles, 800 posts/month, add-on profile – $25/month, add-on user – $25/month

10. Edgar


Edgar specializes in scheduling content but does this in a unique way. It groups all of your content into categories and then adds time slots to each category. Edgar then fills up those slots with your content and publishes them for you.

Scheduling & RSS – Edgar (formerly Meet Edgar) is hyper-focused on publishing automation. It does have an Auto Post feature that continuously publishes evergreen posts for you. It has an RSS feature, as well.

Social Engagement – Edgar does not have any type of social engagement or social monitoring features.

Influencer Search – Edgar does not have any influencer features.

Clients Management Support – Edgar has no features in this category.


$49/month, 25 social profiles

Supported Networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram (must use push-notification to mobile device)

Final Thoughts

If you have a need for a particular feature, then you can find exactly the tool that you need. But if you are looking for a social media management tool that has all the features to boost your engagement, get more leads, and grow your business with powerful social media presence and engagement, then eClincher is the best tool for you.